LONELY ISLAND / SEPTEMBER 2017 (english version)

It’s time for a real Adventure!
We’re going to a lonely island!

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It’s not a joke.  Holidays must be special.

And this year You have a chance to fulfill your childhood dream of fantastic travels and extraordinary adventures.

Take a map and look at Croatian Dalmatia – the Adriatic coast lined with islands.
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On one of the small, uninhabited islets stands a lonely white lighthouse, with green shutters.

Imagine that for 7 days, when summer ends in Poland, we move in to the lighthouse and take over the whole island!!!
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We spend a wonderful week, in great company and care only about the sea, the wind, the sky and a good rest.


We start our days quietly, with a deep breath and a nice opening yoga session.


We enjoy the delicious vegetable food and fragrant olive oil on the terrace surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation.


We cook together – vegan, according to 5 elements, and the menu is arranged by a Chinese medicine dietician.


We relax on our own beaches and swim in the warm, shining sea.


We dive into the Mediterranean nature.

Every day, we regain our strengths on authorial body-work classes.



We pick the figs straight from the tree.


And when we feel like it – we can ask for a relaxing massage.


Come to a lonely island with us!

Organizers:  Basia Tworek i Ania Dymarczyk – We are like two fiery sisters. We have been working together for many years now. In Cracow we’ve set up a jalla!regain your body project! Since 2013 we’ve been living in different cities, but we still love to run workshops together. We like to act with a flourish, so THINGS WILL GET HOT!


Dates: For 2017 we booked a lighthouse for 4 periods (there are only 12 places in each!): 

CAMP I >> 26th August – 2nd September

CAMP II >> 2nd-9th September
(classes in english)

CAMP III >> 9th-16th September

CAMP IV >> 16th-23rd September




Total price:

1.double room, single bed: 2790 PLN

2.double room, double bed: 2690 PLN

3. Triple room, double bed : 2590 PLN

4. Triple room, single bed: 2690 PLN

Place reservation: 1300 PLN (first installment, the rest is payed in June)


The price includes transfer to the island, stay at the lighthouse, food and workshops. You have to pay for your own insurance and travel to Croatia – we will be happy to help you with the organization. On site, you will also be able to buy a wonderful Lomi-Lomi massage in a promotional, insular price.